Going To The Gym

I SIGNED UP! A few weeks ago. However, I have not actually gone. Some of it is because Im kind of scared of going. And the other is Brooklyn and I both have been very sick the last two weeks. Im feeling better, just not great. But I figure if I go for a little while then maybe it will help me feel better.


When I went to sign up I saw which I thought was pretty typical is a bunch of guys working out. Some were very large and some were very hot. So I was like okay, and what do I see? A bunch of skinny and fit women. Slightly annoying for someone who weighs  210lbs. Yeah, I said 210. I honestly dont look like I weigh that much and Im always told this. But I think I carry the weight well. Anyways, I dont want to be around a bunch of skinny women, who probably throw up half their meals always.  There is a room where women only can work out, which is nice.


So, I have been putting working out off. And my husband told me last night “I knew you wouldnt go, I knew that this was a waste.” Mistake number one buddy. So today, I called and set up a time (4:00) for Brooklyn to hang out in their day care. And I will be going today for my first work out.


I can do this right? Its going to be fun and I will be results. NEXT SUMMER I WILL be wearing smaller clothes, and no affraid to wear a bathing suit right? I just want to prove to myself that I can be healthy for myself and my daughter.




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