Going To The Gym

I SIGNED UP! A few weeks ago. However, I have not actually gone. Some of it is because Im kind of scared of going. And the other is Brooklyn and I both have been very sick the last two weeks. Im feeling better, just not great. But I figure if I go for a little while then maybe it will help me feel better.


When I went to sign up I saw which I thought was pretty typical is a bunch of guys working out. Some were very large and some were very hot. So I was like okay, and what do I see? A bunch of skinny and fit women. Slightly annoying for someone who weighs  210lbs. Yeah, I said 210. I honestly dont look like I weigh that much and Im always told this. But I think I carry the weight well. Anyways, I dont want to be around a bunch of skinny women, who probably throw up half their meals always.  There is a room where women only can work out, which is nice.


So, I have been putting working out off. And my husband told me last night “I knew you wouldnt go, I knew that this was a waste.” Mistake number one buddy. So today, I called and set up a time (4:00) for Brooklyn to hang out in their day care. And I will be going today for my first work out.


I can do this right? Its going to be fun and I will be results. NEXT SUMMER I WILL be wearing smaller clothes, and no affraid to wear a bathing suit right? I just want to prove to myself that I can be healthy for myself and my daughter.





Just like every woman in the world, I’ve been unhappy with my weight. And have wanted to join a gym for sometime now. Living in Reno, there are many choices to choose from for a gym. But theres this one, called Fitness Connection. They have a lot of things there to keep one busy. Zumba, yoga, machines, indoor pool. Sounds awesome right? But what if you have kids, like I do? What do you do with them while you go work out? Fitness Connection has a daycare for your kids. And its awesome!!!!!!! They can be there for two hours. So, after months of begging the hubby….he has finally agreed to let me join the gym. And I’m super excited. My friend is going to join with me and so at least we will have each other to encourage and we can at least work out with each other rather than going at it alone. I’m not even sure what I currently weigh and I dont really care to know. But heres what I do know.


My current  pant size is a 16-18. My shirt size is around a XXL because I have noticed the last few years Large dosnt seem to be large anymore. Seems to run smaller and it seems to actually be a medium. I do have some shirts that are a large that Ive had for a while and they fit fine. So I’m not sure how clothing is actually made but all I know is that I want to be comfortable in my clothes and in my skin. 


So on Friday, Im going down to the gym to sign up. $49 down and $10 per month. How can you say NO to that?! I’m excited. And I hope things will work out well. Im planning on writing once a week and possibly posting a picture a month on my progress. 

I’ve always had the dream of getting really fit and hiding most of from my family and friends and then when summer come rock my new self in something that I currently wouldnt or cant wear. This is my chance, And Im going to do it!!!!!!!!


Wish me luck!